An interactive art installation in the form of a quirky laboratory incorporating research and functional experiments building on projects from the past and new work combined into a space that will provide a focal point. An opportunity to incorporate work, ideas and cultural perspectives from the wider community and for people to learn about environmental issues (in a very wide context incorporating social issues for example), the problems we've created and the actions we need to take, but in a fun and engaging way. A 'living' evolving and ongoing project launched on 22nd April (Earth Day) and aimed at encourage a wide range of people to get involved, bringing ideas and skills together, sharing knowledge and strengthening our community. How can we live better and within planetary limits?

An Environmental Project - Highlighting the problems we face, how we got there and how we might mitigate and reduce the impact of climate change and other human induced environmental damage.

An Art installation - As an art project, The Earth Lab provides an opportunity to have a broad audience, to engage people in environmental science and issues in new and interesting ways. The lab will be its own self contained and relocatable gallery.

A Science Project - Underpinning the project will be the related science (in a broad sense - from environmental to social). Real time experiments will feed data into the lab and provide the input to some of the artworks.

An Interactive Puzzle/Game Room - Like an interactive museum, the lab will invite visitors to interact, explore and to work together to find things out for themselves. The lab will be fun, game like but with a serious message.

A Collaboration - The Lab is as much about the journey as the destination. The Lab isn’t about technology, it's about coming together as a community. It’s about what we can achieve if we pool our resources and our skills and we work for a common good.